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Published on April 27, 2024

This section (subforum) of EI Forums, as the title says, is dedicated to discussion World of Tanks, mostly in region-agnostic context, but primarily focusing on EU servers. The following ruleset is an extension of global EI Forums rules with an option to override/exclude them; such overrides are listed right after the subforum's rules.


  1. Common subforum rules
    1. Subforum's purpose
      The subforum is created to concentrate discussions about World of Tanks on any regions operated by Wargaming Group Limited (EU, NA, ASIA); game-related community content; perform collective effort to solve technical issues in the game or searching for answer to game-specific question. Discussing other games, including falsely associated (especially with malicious intent) with Wargaming Group Limited is prohibited.
    2. Speaking in other languages
      'World of Tanks Community Forums' are built in a way to make discussions in a single language of the section of respective language. If you mistakenly created a topic in a different language, click the Report button and tell us where should the topic be moved, referring to the language. Creating topics in languages not allowed on the forums is prohibited.
  2. Subforum's sections
    1. News and Announcements
      News that are automatically published by @K2News bot from official World of Tanks Europe portal RSS feed in a subforum's section language. In these topics community members are discussing the article.
    2. Gameplay
      Consists of two subsections, they are Game-Specific Questions (GSQ) and Community Area, their purpose is quite self-explanatory.
      1. GSQ
        This section is intended for searching help in gameplay part of the game: e.g. picking the right vehicle, searching for buttons in the game GUI, reviewing battle situations with help of replays. While the discussion goes, topic starter can choose the 'best answer' which will be visible right after the topic opening (the first) post. If their opinion had changed, they can change the answer before the moderator will lock the topic within 12 hours since the answer was chosen or lock it by own desire by clicking Report on a post to state the final answer.
        If the discussion will drift off-topic, the moderator may lock it as solved, leaving their own answer and setting it as the 'best answer'. This is a last resort method which is used in very rare cases.
      2. GSQ — Technical Issues
        Like GSQ, yet focused on technical issues instead of gameplay, e.g. insufficient client performance, crashes with error monitor appearing (or not), network connection issues. Conditions to set the topic as resolved are inherited from parent section with one difference—upon 'best answer' choice the topic is closed within 6 hours.
      3. Community Area
        Active World of Tanks community members can promote their own game content here, which can be client mods, videos, livestreams, contests/giveaways and events of same kind.
        1. Mods
          Only Fair Play policy compliant mods are allowed to be posted here. If the created topic is for a modpack, we will pass it only in case if its development is done by a team with at least 80% of players from regions where Wargaming Group Limited operates. If the information on development team is deliberately hidden by topic starter upon request from the Administration, the topic will be deleted from the forums.
        2. Videos & Livestreams
          We really like content from players preferring to communicate with their audience via videos or livestreams. There are several accepted topic formats we highly recommend you to follow.
          1. one topic per video
          2. one topic for all new videos
          3. one topic for all new livestreams
          4. one topic for both videos and livestreams
        3. Other
          Contests, giveaways, fanpages on topic of World of Tanks, in other words, everything that does not fit into two upper categories, goes right here. This section is not intended to be a replacement for Generalized Off-Topic!
    3. In-Game Vehicles
      Discussions focused on a specific vehicle. For convenience, the topics are sorted by nations and classes.
    4. Maps
      Topics to discuss maps available in the game. New topics are created only when the new map is available on permanent basis. Event maps with short lifecycle are not discussed here, but they fit into base map topics (applicable to events like The Last Waffenträger, Recon Battles and other game modes that utilize maps already present in World of Tanks).

Temporary active board rules overrides:

2.1. News and Announcements

News articles that will result in potential conflict between players of different operational regions and/or their geolocation are not published. K2 Europe understands that community members would like to discuss them as if it was a normal article but the risk of attacks from members unpleased by Wargaming Group Limited actions in the problem domain has to be excluded.

What we can do is to prevent creation of such topics. If there will be a demand from the community, we will create a subforum to discuss such controversary articles, with significantly higher attention to moderation and restricted access. If your topic was deleted by someone from the Administration and you got a warning or were banned, immediately contact @DrWeb7_1. The restrictions will be revoked and the one who added warning points/banned you will get their 'well-deserved reward'. Despite that we delete such topics from public area, we took the responsibility to not punish topic starters for such action.

We apologize for inconvenience.

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