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Published on May 1, 2024

Welcome to EI Forums board! This document is required to be read component of K2 Europe (the Platform) code of conduct. We ask you to comply with moral and ethic principles and behave properly. The board's rules do not cover all possible flavors of inappropriate behavior and may not mention things obvious to understand. Keep in mind that server group access restrictions can be followed by restrictions here. The staff of K2 Europe (the Organization) and the Administration may apply restrictions anytime for reasons specified in the rules, but not limiting by them.


  1. Common
    1. User account
      To avoid and prevent unwanted activity related to user accounts, the users are allowed to use only one account, except Wargaming.net OpenID accounts from different realms in sane amount or using one backup account in the same realm for cases when access to main account is lost.
      Sharing your personal information that eases your identification is not required. The board user must be at least 13 (thirteen) years old.
    2. Board's purpose
      EI Forums board is one of the ways to communicate with the Organization. This means that the board is about the Organization's currently running projects and their discussion, as well as direct contact with its executives.
    3. Content responsibility
      The forums are postmoderated, it means that topics and messages appear right when they were created, not reviewed or inspected before posting but all of that might be done later. Neither Executives, nor Administration are responsible for users' messages contents. By sending messages or creating topics you agree with the rules and promise to not spead misinformation, provocative speech or illegal subjects, including intellectual property. Both Executives and Administration have rights to delete such materials and apply restrictions to initiative user.
  2. Prohibited topics to discuss and actions
    1. Unlawful and illegal actions
      Discussing topics considered illegal or misambiguative by laws is prohibited.
      User will receive a 6 month ban, the next one will be permanent
    2. Modern politics
      Discussing modern politics' problems and its comparision to the past is not accepted on the board. The Organization adheres to maximum neutrality in all ambiguous situations whatever happens.
      User will be restricted to 'Read Only' mode for 7 days14 days, ban for 3 months; 1 year; permanent.
    3. Discussing Administration's or Organization's executives' actions towards users
      We do not encourage public discussion of such, but we are ready to review the conflict case in presence of all registered users. Keep in mind that it must remain as a discussion without turning into 'holy war'. If such happens, either Administration or Organization may apply restrictions to both sides without right to appeal them.
      User will receive two warning points, increasing up to nine if discussion turns into a conflict. If warnings will be insufficient, all users participating in it will be restricted to 'Read Only' for 30 days.
    4. Flood, offtop and overquoting
      Sending messages or creating topics to break other discussions (known as flood) is prohibited, as well as spamming. The offtop are messages or topics not related to board's section (or topic) purpose. Overquoting (excessive message quotation) should be avoided as well.
      Overquoting warnings are applied without adding points (verbal warning) and the post will be edited by the Administration. If this will be abused, one warning point will be added. Flood and offtop are treated equally: two warning points; if abused it will result in 'Read Only' for 1 day; 3 days; then 7 days.
    5. Not-for-broadcast language
      Slurs, obscene words or anything you would not say in a public place with established etiquette are not accepted here but we do not propose strict restrictions in this regard. Be aware of the fact the Administration might censor your post or delete it if it will consist of unaccepted language, applying 'Read Only' mode at least for 7 days if there will be too much of it, up to 30 days.
  3. Restriction measures
    1. Warning
      Adding one or two warning points for violating the board rules. Thirteen points are equivalent to full access restriction.
    2. 'Read Only' mode
      The user will be unable to create new posts and topics. Shipped with three warning points.
    3. Ban
      The user is blocked from accessing EI Forums.
  4. Administration Hierarchy and their rights
    1. Administrators (the Organization's executives)
      The board's administrators are nominee employees of K2 Europe. They can be identified by 'K2 Staff' role in their profile.
    2. Moderators
      The moderators are volunteers selected by Administrators who keep the board in top shape. They can be identified by 'Moderator' or 'Global Moderator' role in their profile.
    3. Rights of the Administration
      Both Administrators and Moderators may act as described in section 3 if the user had been noticed violating the board's rules. If the situation cannot be handled by rules, the Administration may restrict the user even if the actions are not formally forbidden.
    4. Appealing
      If the Administration's decision is unfair by user's opinion, they must head to K2 Contact Group. The appeal must cover the situation entirely and have screenshots if possible. Other ways of appealing are not accepted and will not be reviewed.


Some board sections have their own rules which are extending the set above. By creating new topics and replying in such, you confirm your acknowledgement about them.
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